Earlier today WMA President Margit Jungmann announced major developments as a result of the cancellation of the Toronto 2020 WMA Outdoor Championships. These developments had been in the works almost since the day the Toronto cancellation was announced on March 25. Instead of the indoor championships in Edmonton next year, WMA will hold its next outdoor championships in Tampere, Finland next July – dates aren’t fixed yet but it will be in the first half of the month. The Edmonton indoor championships, previously scheduled for April 2021, will roll to 2022, and the Gothenburg, Sweden outdoor championships, previously scheduled for 2022, will roll in 2023. As a result of these changes, the next WMA General Assembly will take place in Tampere next year. At that meeting bids will be considered from Spokane for the 2024 indoor championships and from Daegu, South Korea for the 2025 outdoor championships. You can read the announcement here: https://world-masters-athletics.com/…/wma-president-announ…/

Team USATF uniforms for Tampere 2021 will be the Rio blue uniforms. Athletes who have previously received those uniforms will not receive a new one. Those who have not previously received a Rio uniform will get one once they have entered the meet, had their entry confirmed, and submit evidence of their travel and lodging arrangements to the USATF National Office – just as would have been the case for Toronto. Because the number of athletes expected to enter Tampere 2021 will be lower than the anticipated entries for Toronto, there should be no problems with availability of uniforms for everyone, though there may be some styles and sizes with limited availability. Tokyo uniforms will be provided for athletes going to Edmonton in 2022, Gothenburg in 2023, and Spokane in 2024 (assuming their bid is accepted).

These changes to the WMA Championships schedule means a shift for WMA regional meets as well. So, the NCCMA Championships will now be held in Spokane in 2022, not 2021. That likely will result in changes to MTF’s dates for the 2021 USATF Masters Outdoor Championships, currently scheduled for Sacramento in mid July. This is all “breaking news,” so stay tuned for more details about schedule changes down the road.