WMA 2020 Outdoor Championships Canceled

Message from the Toronto Athletics Event Management Team
April 3, 2020
The Best World Championships That Almost Were
With sadness Toronto Athletics Event Management Inc. announced today that it will not pursue a postponement of the World Masters Athletics Championships, originally scheduled for Toronto in the summer of 2020. With governments and corporations struggling with the effects of COVID-19 and the huge toll it is taking on lives and the economy, there seems little chance that a postponed event would have the financial means or the moral backing to provide a meaningful competition.
From the very beginning everyone on our team has worked tirelessly to help organize what we believe would have been the best WMA Championships ever. We had the professionalism, dedication, energy and volunteers to make the experience a memorable one for all participants: athletes, officials, volunteers, organizers and supporters.
Through the last five years we worked past a lot of significant challenges, including losing access to funding and facilities that had been promised. But the creative people on our team found ways around those problems, and discovered hope in many different places. We are forever grateful for the wonderful enthusiasm that our team members brought to their work, and for their enduring support.
In the end, however, we could not find a way past a microscopic enemy that has changed the world.
We look forward to ongoing involvement with Masters Athletics and we encourage the WMA Council to continue its good work on all fronts. We send heart-felt best wishes to all future hosts, and to masters athletes around the world.
Stay safe and stay strong. For Masters Athletics there are NO LIMITS.
John Craig Doug Smith Paul Osland Rob Jackson Simon Rayner
Toronto Athletics Event Management Inc.