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Subcommittees of Masters Track and Field carry out many functions essential to successful operation of the organization. Click on the name of any subcommittee below for more information about its purpose, leadership, members, contact info, annual report and recent activities. Subcommittee work is carried our primarily by volunteers. Contact the subcommittee chair if you have questions, suggestions, or would like to become actively involved.

Communications Subcommittee

The Communications Subcommittee is concerned with all communications that might be necessary for MTF to achieve its objectives. Additionally, the ...
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Subcommittee Guidelines

General provisions governing subcommittee operation: There shall be a Chair and a Secretary of each subcommittee as deemed necessary. Unless ...
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Rankings Subcommittee

PURPOSE The Rankings Subcommittee shall compile annual rankings of age-group athletes for masters athletics. ABOUT THIS SUBCOMMITTEE USA Masters Track ...
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Records Subcommittee

PURPOSE The Records Subcommittee shall maintain and update age-group American records for masters track and field. The chair of this ...
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Throwing Events Subcommittee

PURPOSE The Throwing Events Subcommittee shall solicit bids for throwing events that have stand-alone national championships, oversee the organization and ...
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Race Walking Subcommittee

PURPOSE The Race Walking Subcommittee shall establish procedures for selecting Race Walking Championships held outside the MTF championships, ensure that ...
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Masters Hall of Fame Subcommittee

PURPOSE The Masters Hall of Fame Subcommittee solicits nominees for the USATF Masters Track & Field Hall of Fame. ABOUT THIS ...
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Inclusion Subcommittee

PURPOSE The MTF Inclusion Subcommittee seeks to establish and maintain an inclusive culture that fosters equitable participation for athletes, officials, ...
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Combined-Events Subcommittee

PURPOSE The Combined-Events Subcommittee shall solicit bids for combined-events championships, oversee the conduct of these events, and serve as a ...
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Championship Games Subcommittee

PURPOSE The Championship Games Subcommittee shall approve the schedule of events for each USATF Masters National Track and Field Championships, ...
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Awards Subcommittee

PURPOSE The Awards Subcommittee shall select award winners following the direction of MTF. The Awards Subcommittee presents awards to outstanding master ...
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Budget and Finance Subcommittee

PURPOSE The Budget and Finance Subcommittee shall prepare the proposed budget to submit to the USATF Budget and Finance Committee ...
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Anti-Doping Subcommittee

PURPOSE The Anti-doping Subcommittee shall serve as a resource for substance abuse issues and respond to the directives of MTF ...
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