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There are many different events held during a Track & Field meet. It is possible to train and compete in a number of events in one meet. There are different groupings of events for Indoor meets vs Outdoor meets, as well as special events such as Throws Championships. Note: Meet directors can choose what events to offer, and can offer non-traditional events. Not all Meets offer the Steeplechase for instance, so always check the meet info to see what’s offered.

Combined Events

So you want to do multiple events in one day? Well guess what? There's a combined event for you! Combined ...
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Jumping Events

Welcome to the wonderful, technical and fun world of jumps; Pole Vault, Long Jump, Triple Jump and High Jump! There ...
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Long Distance Events (LDR)

Define Long Distance: Good luck! To the sprinter, 400 meters is too long! However, it's generally considered a long distance ...
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Throwing Events

Shot, Discus, Hammer, Javelin, Weight - That's it, right? Hardly! There's the Superweight and the Ultraweights and the Throws Pentathlon ...
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Racewalking Events

Racewalking is offered at indoor and outdoor meets in various distances: 1500, mile, 3000, 5000, 10,000 and more. Many meets ...
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Types of Track and Field Meets

Masters Meets? All Comers? Senior Games? There are hundreds of track and field competitions open to masters athletes each year, ...
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