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USA MASTERS TRACK & FIELD (MTF) is governed by the Masters Track and Field Committee of USATF (USA Track & Field) which is the National Governing Body of the sport of track and field for all ages including youth, open and masters. USATF offices are located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Membership in USATF is required for any athlete who wishes to compete in a USATF association, regional, or national championship or to compete representing the US in international competitions. See USATF MEMBERSHIP for more details.

Within USATF, MTF is one of several sports committees. In accordance with the operating regulations of USATF, MTF has its own elected officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) as well as seven regional coordinators and numerous subcommittee chairs.

2018 Annual Meeting Agenda for MTF Committee

2018 Annual Meeting Agenda for Masters Track & Field Committee Note: there are SafeSport Classes at 7:00 AM - 8:30 ...
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USATF Annual Meeting – Elected Delegates Information

The USATF Annual Meeting is coming up shortly (November 29 - December 2) in Columbus, OH. That is where the ...
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Elections of MTF Officers

The elected officers of MTF are the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Elections are held every four years as the ...
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Proposed BOD Election Procedure

Please find attached the proposed BOD rep Election Procedure - Click link to open. General Comp Div. BofD Rep nomination ...
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Masters Track and Field Committee

The Masters Track and Field Committee (MTF) is the principal governing body for Masters Track and Field in the United ...
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USATF Rules, Policies, Safe Sport and More

USATF is committed to more than just great athletes, great meets, and Olympic medals. USATF is committed to being a ...
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Masters Track & Field Budget

The annual operating budget is prepared by the Budget and Finance Subcommittee, with input and requests for funding from other ...
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Masters Track & Field Meetings

MEETINGS Various administrative and organizational meetings are conducted each year by and for Masters Track and Field. MINUTES of past ...
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Masters Track & Field Regions and Associations

REGIONS & ASSOCIATIONS Masters Track and Field uses a regional system for purposes of administration and competition. There are seven ...
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Masters Track & Field Rules of Competition

RULES OF COMPETITION All USATF sanctioned competitions are conducted according to the USATF RULES OF COMPETITION. USATF Rules of Competition, ...
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