Toronto 2020 Medical Team Program

New for the 2020 WMA World Championships in Toronto, Canada – Medical/Physiotherapy Services for Team USATF Athletes

In order to provide medical/physiotherapy services for Team USATF athletes at the 2020 WMA Championships in Toronto, we have created an OPTIONAL physiotherapy services program. For those that do not sign up for it, there is NO COST. (This is not medical insurance for major injuries that require hospitalization. This is for taping, massage and or chiropractic or Physical therapy adjustments that an athlete may need during the competition to perform at their best during multiple events. Many athletes have used these services over the last three championships and have stated how much they appreciate the services. This program will allow additional therapists based on the numbers of athletes that request services.)

Athletes are being encouraged to purchase a subscription to cover the costs of travel, housing, and meals for the medical/physiotherapy team.  This is necessary because the large expected number of Team USATF athletes makes it impossible to pay for the large Medical Team needed out of the USATF Masters budget for 2020.

Subscriptions will cover a specified number of 20-minute appointments.  Those who do not subscribe cannot receive treatments from the Team USATF medical team; they must seek treatment locally from the services available to all athletes at the Championships on a paid fee for service basis.

Plans are to have Team USATF Masters medical staff at all venues and events where subscribed athletes are scheduled to compete.

Note that the subscription will only cover the costs for the medical team’s travel, accommodation, and meals.  They will be leaving their jobs and practices behind and will not be receiving any payment from USATF.  Therefore, athletes should expect to give appropriate tips to their service provider for each appointment. If this is abused, then they simply will not come back to future Championships.

Athletes will purchase these services as an option offered during the registration process.  Those buying the services will get a punch card with their name and the purchased number of punch slots in their registration package when they pick it up from the Registration area. Only the subscriber can use the card.  Cards are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Each member of the Medical Team will have a schedule of what location they will be at on each day. In addition, they will have the current day session schedule (and the next day’s session schedule) posted on which athletes must sign up.  This sign up can be done one competition day ahead or on the spot if there are session slots open. That way, each athlete can choose the Medical Team member they wish.

Athletes must be present at their session start, or else standbys will be serviced.

Remember to purchase the number of sessions that you think you will need for your normal competition plus any that you may need in case of minor injury. Also, some may want to schedule some double sessions (40 minutes).  Please note that even with a minimal $10-$20 tip these sessions are less than half of normal charges for such services at home.

Subscription Options

Number of 20 Minute Appointments Cost
3 $60
6 $110
12 $200
18 $270
24 $325

During the on-line Event Registration process, athletes will be required either to purchase a subscription or decline the offer with the understanding that they will not be able to receive any services from the Team USATF Masters Medical Team in Toronto.