Instructions for Combined Events Records Application

All USATF rules must be followed. For World Records, all WMA rules must also be followed.  PRINT clearly in all fields (unless a signature is requested).  Though some fields are not required, every attempt should be made to complete all fields to ratify the record expeditiously. Most fields are self-explanatory, but some guidelines are below.

  1. Athlete Information:  Contact information is critical. More than 1 phone number or email address may be provided. Club is optional.
  2. Description of Record:  If it is a World Record, click that box. Otherwise, click the American box. The Age Group should be a multiple of 5, i.e., 35, 40, etc. The combined event will be one of the following:
    • Pentathlon
    • Throws Pentathlon
    • Ultraweight Pentathlon
    • Heptathlon
    • Decathlon

    The meet must be sanctioned by USATF, a member organization of USATF or another member Federation of IAAF.  The hurdle height need only be provided for applicable combined events.

  3. Starter’s Certificate: When you become a USATF Official, you are assigned a unique Official’s certification number, and all officials signing this form must provide that number.
  4. Automatic Timing Certificate:The official recorded time must comply with USATF rounding procedures.
  5. Wind Gauge Certificate: Only applicable for outdoor sprints/hurdles and horizontal jumps.
  6. Field Judge Certification:  The Head Field Judge must complete this. Enter the athlete’s mark for each pertinent event.
  7. Implement Certification:  This section is required for all throwing events. The officially measured implement weight must be recorded here.
  8. Guarantee by Referee: Self Explanatory.
  9. All documentation may be submitted electronically.  You can take a picture using your phone of paper documents and email them to the USATF Masters TF Records Chair.  The Photo Finish image (and Zero Control Test image, if applying for a World Record) can be obtained from the Automatic Timing crew. The Meet Program & results may be digital (or on a website). Provide a copy of your Passport or Birth Certificate (passport not acceptable for World Records).