Team USATF Torun W#1 Program – Get Involved!

Support the Team USATF Torun W#1 Program!

The program is certainly worthy of support and anyone desiring can voluntarily contribute any amount anonymously or openly. If you would like to designate that your donation be used to support a specific athlete or athletes, please make that known and, so long as they are in the top six in the world, your designation will be honored.  Become a Facilitator.

All donations to this effort are fully tax-deductible

How to Make a Donations to the World #1 Program

You can support the World #1 Program by making a donation:

1. Through Text2Give (preferred)  


  • Text GIVE to 317-793-3994
  • Once this text is sent a reply will be received with a link saying Here’s how to give to USA Track & Field.
  • Please enter a number:     1.USATF  2. Masters TF World #1 Torun program (to support this program select 2)
  • Enter: How much would you like to give to Masters TF World #1 Torun Program?
  • Enter: dollar amount
  • You will receive a message saying “Give [amount] to Masters TF World #1 Program?”  
  • You will be prompted to Enter yes or no
  • Enter: yes
  • Would you like this gift to be recurring? Enter yes or no.
  • Enter: yes or no (based on preference)
  • You will receive a Link: Tap this link to complete your gift to Masters TF World #1 Torun Program
  • You will be prompted for Payment Info
  • Enter card number, exp date and cvc code
  • Enter name, email address, billing address
  • Complete registration
  • Press Complete registration button
  • You should then receive notification that your donation is complete and that a receipt has been emailed to you.

 Note: You only need to register one time. Subsequent donations do not require accessing the link or entering payment or other information. The process is all done through text with a text notification that the gift amount has been received (a receipt is still emailed as well).


  •  Checks, payable to USATF with the notation “World #1 Program,” may be sent to:

USATF Masters
℅ Carroll DeWeese
USATF MTF Treasurer
932 Purdy
Birmingham, MI 48009

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