Team USATF Torun W#1 Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for the Team USATF Torun W#1 Program

Selection for the up-front travel and housing assistance is completely objective. It is based on the best performances (indoor, outdoor, and road based on the data) in the events that will be contested in Torun (except cross country because courses are not comparable). The half marathon, because of sparse data, will be assessed separately and those entering that event are invited to apply and supply their best time(s) in the two year time period. NOTE: performances, not rankings are the criteria being used. Rankings are specific to years and seasons and are not accurate over the two year period being considered.

NOTE: Signing the application will obligate the athlete to return the money if they do not attend (without extenuating circumstances) or if they test positive in any anti-doping testing from now through the Torun Championships.

  • The complete list of those currently eligible for up-front financial assistance is here.
  • All athletes on the list are encouraged to apply here but only if you are entering and competing in Torun
  • To see the details of all the top 6 in the World Click Here
  • If athletes can point out missing data or improve their World performance before the deadline, they may be eligible for more financial assistance. Be sure to point out any improvement to W#1 management (
  • Each athlete will be considered in their age group as of 24 March 2019.
  • Those that age-up and change implements before the Torun Championships will get special consideration by the W#1 Management Team.
  • If there are any omissions or mistakes in the rankings, athletes should let John Seto know immediately at
  • Also, please note that performances are constantly being added to the database (up to 1000 per day) and you may fall in the performance list if you do not apply quickly.
  • W#1 Management will examine extraordinary circumstances and make decisions based on the facts. If you are among the top six in the World and enter Torun now, you will not lose that financial assistance even if some other competitor comes up and surpasses your performance before the deadline.

Please direct any questions to USATF MTF Chair Rex Harvey (

NOTE: Even if your performances are in the top six in the world, we ask that, if you can afford to pay for your own entry, travel, and housing, please do so in order to leave more funds available for those who cannot afford it themselves and therefore could not attend without assistance. In this case, your paying your own way is essentially your donation to the World Number One (W1) program.

Once you apply and are accepted (you will be contacted by email immediately) these steps are required:

  • You will need to complete and return a W9 form which will be sent to you after you apply
  • We will need a copy of your travel arrangements (ticket receipt email)
  • You will need to enter the meet if you have not already done so
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