USATF Masters Clubs

Clubs provide athletes with a local community of like-minded members who often train together and (in some circumstances) compete together. USATF sanctions over 2,000 clubs across the United States. Although there is no requirement to join a club, joining provides opportunities to connect with other athletes in your area for coaching, training, volunteering, socializing and other events or activities supported by the club

All clubs are different. They vary in size, purpose, function and membership requirements. Some restrict members by age (Youth, Open, or Masters Athletes) and others are open to all ages. To find out more about choosing and joining a club go to USATF Clubs. You can search for clubs in your area and find contact information pertinent to each club.

An athlete may join as many clubs as he or she wishes. However, USATF recognizes only one official club per athlete. Therefore, in any club scoring competition, an athlete may represent only that club which is indicated on his/her USATF membership card. If an athlete chooses to change clubs, he/she may not compete for the new club until 90 days after making the change.

Clubs membership is primarily determined by where you live. You may join any club within your Association. Only under special circumstances (for example, no viable club exists within your association) are you granted an exception to join a club outside your association. More information about clubs is provided in the USATF Governance Manual.

In masters track and field, there are two opportunities to represent a club in competition. Club scoring is conducted at both the indoor and outdoor National Masters T&F Championships. As a club member, you may score points for your club in those competitions. You may also compete with other club members on relay teams. USATF maintains a category of records for relay events in which all members of the relay team belong to the same club.

You can form a club yourself in your area. You will find useful information and application materials necessary to start a club at Club/Organizational Membership on the USATF web site.