Subcommittee Guidelines

General provisions governing subcommittee operation:

  1. There shall be a Chair and a Secretary of each subcommittee as deemed
  2. Unless provided for otherwise, the term of office for all subcommittees shall be
    concurrent with the term of the MTF Chair.
  3. Meetings of each subcommittee shall be called by the subcommittee Chair of MTF.
  4. The general duties of all chairs and secretaries of subcommittees shall be as follows:
    • Preside at all meetings of that subcommittee;
    • Ensure that all responsibilities of that subcommittee are properly carried out;
    • Communicate with the subcommittee members to keep them fully informed of happenings and decisions necessary to carry out the committee’s responsibilities;
    • Provide subcommittee minutes and reports at all meetings of the committee and at other times as requested;
    • Serve on the corresponding USATF committees as requested by the Chair of MTF;
    • Provide an annual report to the MTF Committee in November each year.