Record Ratification

A new record ratification process was implemented for USATF Masters T&F (MTF) in September of 2017. Instead of a single formal ratification process at the end of each year at the USATF Annual Meeting, the MTF Records Committee will submit record reports throughout the year to the elected officers of MTF, who will share and review the report. Any objections to the report will be communicated to the Records Committee, and affected items will be removed from the report (to be reviewed at a later date.) The remainder of the items will be ratified formally immediately.

Reasoning: The current annual process for formal ratification increases the workload of officials and confuses everyone. What is the current record and who is the current record holder?

With a more frequent ratification process:

  1. Officials will waste less time processing performances at meets that actually aren’t records;
  2. New records and record holders will be recognized for their performance quicker;
  3. Interim record holders (whose records were surpassed later in the year) will get recognition for their accomplishment.

Even after ratification, an approved record may still be questioned and rejected. A rejected record may still be resolved and approved.