Instructions for Track Events Records Application

All USATF rules must be followed. For World Records, all WMA rules must also be followed.  PRINT clearly in all fields (unless a signature is requested).  Though some fields are not required, every attempt should be made to complete all fields to ratify the record expeditiously. Most fields are self-explanatory, but some guidelines are below.

  1. ATHLETE INFORMATION:  Contact information is critical. More than 1 phone number or email address may be provided. If you’re completing this for a relay, provide the contact information for just one member of the relay team. Date of Birth is needed for all members of the relay. Club is optional.
  2. DESCRIPTION OF RECORD:  If it is a World Record, click that box. Otherwise, click the American box. The Age Group should be a multiple of 5, i.e., 35, 40, etc. The track event should identify the athletic event the record was set in, i.e., 4×100 Relay or 80 meter hurdles. The meet must be sanctioned by USATF, a member organization of USATF or another member Federation of IAAF.  The hurdle height need only be provided for hurdle events.
  3. When you become a USATF Official, you are assigned a unique Official’s certification number, and all officials signing this form must provide that number.
  4. The official recorded time must comply with USATF rounding procedures.
  5. Self Explanatory.
  6. SURVEYOR:  Some tracks have slopes that are illegal, so facility compliance is crucial.
  7. HAND TIMING CERTIFICATE:  Only required when FAT is not used for the event.  Enter the exact time displayed on each watch (do not round).
  8. Self Explanatory.
  9. All documentation may be submitted electronically.  You can take a picture using your phone of the application, birth certificate, etc., and email it to the USATF Masters TF Records Chair.
    The Photo Finish image (and Zero Control Test image, if applying for a World Record) can be obtained from the Automatic Timing crew. The Meet Program & results may be digital (or on a website). Provide a copy of your Passport or Birth Certificate (passport not acceptable for World Records).