Gear and Equipment

Track and field athletes typically do not need a lot of gear! But there are plenty of specialty stores and on-line vendors selling all kinds of stuff for athletes. Here’s an overview of what’s out there.


Most runners who compete on the track need a good pair of training shoes and a pair of racing shoes. The best way to select a good pair of training shoes is to shop at a local running specialty store and ask the salespeople for advice. They will help you find a shoe most appropriate for the kind of training you are doing and most suitable for your running style.

Although they are not required, most athletes wear spikes during competitive races.

Running attire varies from basic shorts and top to high-quality synthetic racing attire or club uniforms. To compete in the WMA World Championships, athletes must wear official USATF approved uniforms. Additional accessories for runners include all-weather clothing, speed suits, night running gear, stopwatches, starting blocks, nutritional supplements, etc.


Field event athletes may require more equipment to train with, such as throwing implements, hurdles, pole vault poles, measuring equipment, etc.


Running specialty shops are common in most major cities. Search engines will provide a wide choice of internet-based vendors. Here are a few online sources for athletic supplies:

USATF: Official USATF gear, uniforms, clothing, and accessories.
Everything Track & Field: Shoes, clothing, implements, and accessories.
VS Athletic: Shoes, clothing, implements, and accessories.
Jumpstart Athletics: Implements, equipment, accessories and clothing
Gill Athletics: Implements, and accessories.
Running Warehouse: Shoes, clothing, and accessories.
Finish Line Sports: Shoes, clothing, and accessories.