Non-Stadia Team Selection (Road Events and Cross Country)

These rules apply to cross country and all WMA Non-Stadia road races, including road walks, the 10km and half-marathon road races. Cross Country is the first non-stadia event of the meet so it is critical that participating athletes contact Mary Rosado, Non-Stadia Team Manager, in advance if they want to be part of teams not in their age groups. It is critical that athletes declare their intention by 4:00pm the day before competition to Ms. Rosado if you are not running. Team declarations are due by 5:00pm.

For the first non stadia event, athletes should contact team manager sooner.


Each Affiliate is entitled to have one team (best three to score) in each age division. Each division shall have 3 team awards. The results shall be computed on a cumulative time basis.

Every athlete competes individually in his/her own age group.

For team scoring, athletes will only be permitted to drop to a lower age group to complete the required number for a team, provided that the following requirements are met:
1. The lower age group shall be in the same race as that in which the athlete competes individually;
2. The athlete’s country does not have a sufficient number of athletes in that age group to make up a full team in that age group;
3. A start list showing the names and age-groups of all athletes competing for a particular team (no start list is required if the country has a natural team in an age group);
4. An athlete may only score in one team;
5. A maximum of two athletes from older age group may be declared in a team not of their age group;

An athlete who joins a team of a lower age will not lose his/her right to an individual medal in his age group as long as all of the above rules are followed.
The team will be subject to disqualification if the rules above are not followed.

Team Managers are responsible for making an athlete aware of the team they’ll be competing for. The athlete must agree to run for this team.

If teams need to be created and athletes have not contacted the team managers, the non-stadia team manager will use his/ her discretion to create the best medal contenders teams.

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