Throwing Events Subcommittee

The Throwing Events Subcommittee shall solicit bids for throwing events that have stand-alone national championships, oversee the organization and conduct of these events, and serve as a resource to the National Championships Organizing Committees. To provide an avenue for grassroots involvement by throwers in discussions of issues related to throwing and throwing competitions.


MEMBERS: Appointed by the USATF Masters Committee Chair on recommendation of the Masters Throwing Events Coordinator. The Subcommittee consists of one representative from each region plus such additional members as the Coordinator and Chair believe are appropriate to provide balanced representation based on geography, age group, gender and event specialty. Ideally, the Subcommittee will have no more than 9 members plus the Coordinator.
INVOLVEMENT: The primary involvement of Subcommittee members will be in

  1. Reviewing and approving policies and procedures governing use of Masters Committee-owned implements.
  2. Reviewing and approving Subcommittee budget submissions to the Masters Committee Chair and Treasurer.
  3. Assisting the coordinator in solicitation of bids for “stand-alone” national masters throwing event championships; this may include making pre-bid site visits to ascertain whether or not a site meets the specifications for holding a championships.
  4. Serving as sounding board for discussions about the conduct of throwing events and about suggested and proposed rules changing affecting the conduct of throwing events; this may include the following:
    • Providing input to discussions with the Games Committee about the conduct of throwing events at National Championship meets.
    • Providing input to periodic throwers surveys
    • Serving as an informal communication channel with throwers to
      1. Solicit feedback from throwers about proposed rules changes to contribute a “thrower’s perspective” to discussions of those issues at the National Convention
      2. Solicit feedback from throwers about proposed WMA rules changes to help provide guidance to US delegates to the WMA Assembly
      3. Provide background on issues and decisions reached.

MEETINGS: The Subcommittee will “meet” largely via exchanges of emails. Occasionally there may be a conference call meeting, and a more formal meeting will be scheduled at the Indoor and Outdoor National Championships each year for those who are in attendance.


Jerry Bookin-Weiner, Sue Hallen Co-Chairs
David Bickel
Linda Cohn
Tim Edwards
Carol Finsrud
Jim Griffin
Oneithea Lewis
George Mathews
Ruth Welding


2018 Report
2009 Reports