Awards Subcommittee


The Awards Subcommittee shall select award winners following the direction of MTF. The Awards Subcommittee presents awards to outstanding master athletes each year based on performances during the calendar year. Awards are presented at the Athletes Awards Dinner held during the Outdoor Championship each year. Nominations are accepted at the close of the outdoor season. Criteria listed below are used to evaluate nominees.


The athlete must be a member of USATF and at least 30 years old and meet the three criteria below:

  1. Athlete of the Year/Event Group Athlete of the Year
    • Every 5 year age group will have 1 Male and 1 Female Athlete of the Year
    • 1 Male and 1 Female (regardless of age group) will be selected as an event group Athlete of the Year
    • Categories: Sprint/Hurdles – Middle Distance – Distance – Racewalk – Jumps – Throws – Combined Events

    To be eligible for an award an athlete must compete in 2 major championships during the competition year. This can be any combination of Indoor Masters Nationals, Outdoor Masters Nationals, WMA World Championships, NCCWMA Regionals, and USATF Association or Regional Championships.
    Performance factors that will be considered in the selection process: Age Grading, National Championship medals, World/NCCWMA Championship medals, American Records, and World Records

  2. David Pain Award
    This award is given to an individual who has given exceptional service to USATF Masters Track and Field.  Individuals are nominated by anyone within the sport and reviewed/voted on by the USATF Masters Awards Sub Committee. Please provide evidence of the individual’s service to MTF when making the nomination.
  3. Centenarian Award
    If one is to be given during any given year it is given to an athlete that is 100+ years old.
  4. Rex Harvey Combined Event Athlete of the Year Award 
    2017 was the inaugural award, the nominees for the award are/were chosen by the combined event committee and they are/were voted on by the same committee to select the winners. The 2017 winners were Jeferson Souza and Vicki Fox. Information was compiled on the athlete’s body of combined event work for the year and narrowed down to the winners.
  5. Points Scoring System
    • 10 pts = World Record
    • 8 pts = American Record
    • 6 pts = WMA Championship Gold Medal
    • 5 pts = Masters National Gold Medal
    • 4 pts= WMA Championships Silver Medal
    • 2 pts= WMA Championships Bronze Medal
    • 2 pts= Masters National Silver Medal
    • 1 pts= Masters National Bronze Medal


The Chair of the Awards Committee is Rachel Guest (fsttrck75 @ and consists of an additional 14 individuals who represent a cross-section of different ages, geographical regions, and event expertise.


2018 Report
2016 Report
2011 Report