Anti-Doping Subcommittee


The Anti-doping Subcommittee shall serve as a resource for substance abuse issues and respond to the directives of MTF.

In 2010, the National Outdoor Masters Championships in Sacramento held several briefings by USADA anti-doping officials clarifying that masters are subject to testing and what the banned drugs are. Another masters briefing was scheduled at the 2010 USATF Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach.

This is a work in progress with MTF Chair Gary Snyder overseeing the process and arranging actual testing to begin at the 2011 Outdoor National Masters Championships. Snyder has appointed a doping subcommittee headed by Steve Cohen, with members including Bob Weiner and others to be appointed by Cohen, to help MTF and meets develop appropriate criteria and means of testing.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS – Steve Cohen, Chair 

Bob Weiner


2018 Report


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