USA Masters Track and Field


USA MASTERS TRACK & FIELD (MTF) is governed by USATF (USA Track & Field) which is the National Governing Body of the sport of track and field for all ages including youth, open and masters. USATF's offices are located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Membership in USATF is required for any athlete who wishes to compete in USATF sanctioned local, regional, national or international competitions. See USATF MEMBERSHIP for more details.

Within USATF, MTF is one of several sports committees. In accordance with the operating procedures of USATF, MTF has its own elected officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) as well as seven regional coordinators and numerous subcommittee chairs.

How is MTF governed? How are decisions made? Read on!




The business, programs and competitions of MTF are conducted in accordance with MTF's Operating Procedures (above). Every two years (odd numbered years) proposed changes to the MTF Operating Procedures may be submitted which will be reviewed and voted upon for acceptance or rejected by the masters track and field committee. Any questions about Operating Procedures or suggestions for improving them can be addressed to the MTF Active Athletes Representative or the MTF Chair.
( Archived Operating Procedures)

MTF is governed by its Executive Committee, which consists of its elected officers, the Regional Coordinators, the chair of the Communications Subcommittee, the Active Athletes Representative, and one additional member appointed by the Chair. The Executive Committee conducts business on behalf of MTF between MTF Committee meetings and its meetings are open to any athlete who desires to attend, observe, and address the executive committee. Correspondence with the Executive Committee should be made through the Chair. See the MTF ORGANIZATIONAL CHART for contact info.

MTF includes numerous subcommittees which oversee specific aspects of the sport. Each subcommittee operates under the leadership of its chair, who is appointed by the MTF Chair. See SUBCOMMITTEES for a list and description of each MTF subcommittee. Athletes are encouraged to become involved as volunteers on a subcommittee. Contact the subcommittee chair for additional information.

All USATF sanctioned competitions are conducted according to the USATF RULES OF COMPETITION. USATF's Rules of Competition, in general, apply to all track and field competitions; however, for Masters track and field competitions there are certain special provisions and exceptions. For example, MTF competitions are held in 5 year age groups starting at age 35. Other rules that are specific to MTF are described in SECTION II of USATF's Rules of Competition. Every two years (even numbered years), at USATF's annual meeting, rule change proposals are submitted and voted upon by the masters T & F Committee. Questions about Rules of Competition or suggestions for rules changes should be made to the Chair of the MTF Rules Subcommittee.

Masters Track and Field uses a regional system for purposes of administration and competition. There are seven Masters Regions in the United States, each of which is comprised of several Associations (there are a total of 57 Associations). Each Region has a Masters Regional Coordinator and each Association has a Masters Chair. All athletes who are members of USATF belong to a particular Association (usually determined by where the athlete lives or where their club or officials organization is) and is a member of its respective Region. A geographical map and additional information can be found on the REGIONS & ASSOCIATIONS page.

In 2005, the Master Track and Field Committee developed a STRATEGIC PLAN in order to develop goals and methods to improve the masters program. The Strategic Plan is in the process of implementation, with some aspects contingent on funding that has not yet been available.

Various administrative and organizational meetings are conducted each year by and for Masters Track and Field. MINUTES of past meetings are posted on-line and a description of the meetings is provided below.

• Annual Meeting
MTF Committee meetings are held each year. Numerous administrative and organizational items are addressed in order to conduct official business. The ANNUAL MEETING of USATF usually occurs the week after Thanksgiving, lasts about four days, and covers all aspects of USATF business including Masters Track and Field.

At the USATF Annual Meeting, MTF conducts meetings to discuss and deliberate on issues concerning Masters Track and Field. The decision making body which represents MTF consists of the MTF Executive Committee, appointed representatives from each of the Associations, athletes who attend the meeting (referred to as "active athlete members") and a small number of other authorized representatives, usually totaling about 60-80 total delegates (see the Operating Procedures above for a more complete description). This delegation discusses and votes on a range of topics or issues related to masters track and field, including: budget, rules changes (every two years), operating procedures, sites for national championship events, new business, old business, and the election of officers (every four years). In addition, reports are presented by MTF Regional Coordinators and Subcommittee Chairs. These activities take place in sessions which transpire over a period of about three working days. The annual meeting is open to all athletes who wish to attend and who pay a registration fee set by USATF. Anyone interested in how decisions are made and would like to be a part of the decision making process is encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting. Meeting dates and locations, as well as registration info, can be found at the link above.

In addition to the sessions described above, smaller subcommittee meetings also take place during the Annual Meeting. These meetings enable smaller groups to focus on more specific topics. For example, the MTF Regional Coordinators meet as a group and also meet with their respective region contingencies. The MTF Awards Committee also holds a meeting during the Annual Convention.

Convention attendees are invited not only to attend meetings specific to MTF, but may attend any meeting of interest throughout the USATF Organization. The entire agenda for the Annual Meeting is posted on line at the USATF in advance. The agenda for the MTF sessions for the next Annual Convention will be posted here as soon as it is available.

• Executive Committee Meetings
One is held at the beginning of the USATF Annual Meeting, as well as at other times during the year and are either in person or by conference call.. Also, there are usually Executive Committee meetings held during the Indoor and Outdoor USATF Masters T&F Championships, as well as phone meetings conducted on an as-needed basis. All athletes are invited to attend and observe MTF Executive Committee Meetings. Usually, athletes are permitted to address the Executive Committee during the first part of the meeting if he/she would like to bring specific issues to the attention of the committee. Athletes should contact the MTF Chair to request inclusion of an issue or topic at an Executive Committee meeting. For more info about nominations and elections, see ELECTIONS.

• Athlete Meetings
During both the Indoor and Outdoor USATF Masters T&F Championships, a specific time is usually allocated for a meeting of all athletes who wish to participate. This is an opportunity for any athlete to raise any issue before the MTF Chair and members of the Executive Committee. The meeting is informal and partially social, but it is an opportunity for any concerned athlete to ask questions and have his or her opinions heard. The time and location of the Athletes Meetings are generally posted on the informational web site for the meet.

The annual operating budget is prepared by the Budget and Finance Subcommittee, with input and requests for funding from other members of the MTF committee. The proposed budget is discussed and reviewed at an MTF Executive Committee meeting held at the beginning of the Annual Meeting. The total budget amount from USATF is usually known just before the Annual Meeting. And, if time permits, a detailed MTF budget will be prepared for approval by the MTF Committee.

Revenue to cover MTF expenses comes from three sources: 1) a Funds that are provided by USATF 2) Other revenue that MTF may raise from various sources. 3) donations which may be for general or specific purposes.

The elected officers of MTF are the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Elections are held every four years as the USATF annual convention, in even numbered years following the summer Olympic Games. Any member of USATF may run for elected office. The MTF Chair positon may not be held by anyone under the age of 30. All MTF Committee Members as defined by the Operating Procedures may vote. Nominations are collected by the Nominating Subcommittee prior to the annual meeting, but may also be submitted prior to elections at the annual meeting. Candidates may either be nominated by others, or self-nominated. During the election process, all candidates have an opportunity to address the voting delegates and the Committee has an opportunity to ask questions of the candidates.

USATF manages a foundation which provides grants and financial support to athletes and programs. Donations are welcome and donors can designate their donations specifically to the masters track and field program. For more information, see FOUNDATION.