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Competition Info

  • The latest information from Rex is HERE check back often as new information will be posted at this link, all information you need to know is listed. Any information on this page may be replaced by newer information in Rex’s Letter.
  • Competitor’s Handbook: You can see the handbook online and you will receive a Competitor’s Handbook when you pick up your packet in Malaga, Spain. Please read it and keep it with you; it contains vital information about the competition, i.e.: when and where you must declare your intention to compete in your events; when and where to check in; transportation information, final competition schedules, and sites; etc. Additional information is available at the meet website and in the entry booklet. Note: a government-issued document containing a picture, or a passport, will be required to pick up your registration packet.
  • Packing – Put crucial items (competition shoes, uniform, prescriptions, glasses, etc.) in your carry-on, not checked baggage, which can get lost.  Protect your gear at all times. USA equipment is very popular and subject to pilfering. Do not leave your warmups or bag sitting around like you would at a US meet. Your Passport must be kept secure at all times.
  • Arrival – You need to arrive in Malaga no later than the afternoon of the day before your first event to allow time to pick up your packet and declare (confirm) for your event. If you are delayed, please text Philip Greenwald (+1 917 349 8432), one of the Team USATF Team Managers, and he will make alternate arrangements with the meet organizers.
  •  Uniforms – Both the red London Olympics and the blue Rio Olympics uniforms will be official.  You will not be allowed to compete unless you wear these uniforms. The blue uniform must be worn for all finals.  Either the red or the blue is permissible for prelims, etc. If you have any questions or issues, please contact team managers. Note that additional red uniforms can be purchased at the USATF Store online (those that are labeled London 2012) at usatf.org. Blue uniforms cannot be bought.
  • Registered for Cross Country, Half Marathon or Road Race Walk events and unable to go or unable to run? Please let Mary Rosado (the Team Manager for Non-Stadia Events) know at mvrosadoesq@prodigy.net – the team process for these events is unique and it is imperative that she knows who will and will not compete.  There are team medals in these events and she must submit our team information by 5PM the day prior to the events.

Contact Info

Local Organizing Committee – Malaga, Spain

http://www.malaga2018.com/  and info@malaga2018.com

Team Manager for Stadia Events:

Philip Greenwald

Team Manager for Non-Stadia Events:

Mary Rosado

Media Contact

Sandy Triolo

USATF National Office, Event Manager