Team USATF Torun W#1 Program Status

Status of the Team USATF Torun Program

The formal launch of this program is made possible by the fact that the USATF National Office, through CEO Max Siegel and COO Renee Washington, has stepped forward and allocated up to $25,000 from USATF (over and above the regular MTF and MLDR budgets) towards this effort. In addition, an anonymous donor has pledged another $25,000 as a base for a matching donation program. So, we have those $50,000 in pledges so far, subject to raising an additional $50,000 and more. After only a few days and with no formal solicitation, an additional $10,000 has been committed, bringing the total to approximately $60,000. In addition, virtually all members of the MTF Executive Committee have made individual commitments to contribute.

Long-term USATF Masters is seeking a corporate sponsor or year-to-year sponsors for this program. The ultimate goal is to create an endowment of approximately $5 million whose proceeds would allow the program to proceed indefinitely. But with less than three months to the Indoor Championships in Torun, the need is immediate, hence this need for financial buy-in. In this case, we need to rely on ourselves and we need help now to make this happen.

The program is certainly worthy of support and anyone desiring can voluntarily contribute any amount anonymously or openly. If you would like to designate that your donation be used to support a specific athlete or athletes, please make that known and, so long as they are in the top six in the world, your designation will be honored.

All donations to this effort are fully tax-deductible.

Voluntary Donations: Checks should be made out to USATF with the notation W#1.

If you want to deduct your donation on your 2018 taxes it must be received (not sent) by December 31, 2018

It should be sent to:

USATF Masters ℅ Jerry Bookin-Weiner
USATF MTF Vice Chair
5678 Thicket Lane
Columbia, MD 21044

Voluntary donations that will arrive after December 31 should be sent to

USATF Masters c/o Carroll DeWeese
USATF MTF Treasurer
932 Purdy
Birmingham, MI 48009

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