USA Masters Track and Field

Ken Weinbel Award
for Contributions to the Masters Throwing Community

Throws Award

The Ken Weinbel Award is presented annually in honor of Ken Weinbel (1928-2012). Ken served the masters community for many years as an athlete, meet director and administrator. He established the USA Masters Weight & Superweight Championships and promoted the Ultra Weight Pentathlon. He was meet director of those events in Seattle from their inception until 2008. He served as Chair of the USATF Masters Committee from 1996 to 2000. It is presented each year to an American masters thrower who

  1. Has made exemplary contributions to the masters throwing community over a period of years
  2. Has a strong record of accomplishment both as a thrower and as a meet organizer and administrator
Nominations should be submitted at least one week prior to the annual USA Masters Throws Championships to the USATF Masters Throwing Events Coordinator. The members of the Throwing Events Subcommittee select the recipient and the award is presented at the dinner during the Championships each year.

Recipients of the Ken Weinbel Award

2009 Tim Edwards
2010 Ray Feick
2011 Jim Chamberas
2012 George Mathews
2013 Dick Hotchkiss
2014 Pay Carstensen
2015 John Seto
2016 Jerry Wojcik
2017 Sue Hallen