USA Masters Track and Field


Masters Track and Field uses a regional system for administration and competition.  There are seven Masters Regions in the United States, as indicated on the map below. Each Region contains several Associations.  There are 57 Associations. Click on your region in the map below for more information about that region.


Each Region is comprised of multiple Associations. The allocation of associations within regions is as follows:

East: Maine, New England, Adirondack, Connecticut, Metropolitan, Mid-Atlantic, Three Rivers, New Jersey, Niagara, Potomac Valley, Long Island
Southeast: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee
Midwest: Michigan, Lake Erie, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin
Mid-America: Ozark, Missouri Valley, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Dakota, Colorado
Southwest: Southern, Border, Gulf, Southwestern, South Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, West Texas
West: Arizona, Pacific, Central California, Southern California, San Diego-Imperial, Nevada, Hawaii; New Mexico
Northwest: Montana, Wyoming, Snake River, Inland Northwest, Oregon, Utah, Pacific Northwest, Alaska

Every athlete who is a member of USATF joins the organization as a member of one of the above associations.  For more information about associations, see USATF ASSOCIATIONS.

Each Region has a Regional Coordinator who is responsible for the masters activities within that region, including the region's annual budget and regional championship events. Each regional coordinator may be contacted directly and may utilize his/her blog to communicate with athletes residing within the region.

According to the Operating Procedures of USATF Masters Track and Field, the role and responsibilities of the Regional Coodinators is as follows:

1. Regional Coordinators: Determination, Term, and Vacancies
a. Each Masters Region shall have a Regional Coordinator.
b. Each Region shall determine if the Regional Coordinator shall be elected
by the Region or appointed by the MTF Chair.
c. If the Region chooses to elect its Regional Coordinator, the Region's
procedure for election must be approved in advance by the MTF
Executive Committee.
d. The term of office shall coincide with the term of the MTF Chair.
e. If the Regional Coordinator position becomes vacant, the Region (if
responsible for electing) or the MTF Chair (if responsible for appointing)
shall fill the vacancy within three months.

2. The Duties of the Regional Coordinators shall be as follows:
a. Develop plans to strengthen the region;
b. Be responsible for the selection of regional championship sites;
c. Assist the directors of regional championship events and ensure that USATF rules of competition are followed;
d. Ensure that regional records are maintained and kept up-to-date;
e. Disperse funds allocated to the region;
f. Submit a written and verbal report at the annual meeting of the Committee;
g. Annually submit a written financial report to the Region;
h. Disseminate information to masters athletes in the region;
i. Represent the Region at the annual meeting of the MTF Committee;
j. Serve as a member of the Executive Committee of MTF;
k. Work with the Associations' Masters Chairs in the Region to strengthen the masters program in each association.