USA Masters Track and Field


    WELCOME! Are you in your 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's or older and...

  • Feel the urge to become more physically fit and healthy?
  • Reminisce about how much you enjoyed running, jumping or throwing as a kid?
  • Think to yourself, when you see a track meet on TV, "that looks like fun to me"?
  • Would enjoy meeting others who love the sport of track and field?
  • Want to try something new-- like the discus throw, triple jump, hurdles, etc?
  • Wonder how well you could do competing against other athletes your own age?
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, Masters Track and Field may be the perfect thing for you. It is never too late to try something new or to pick up where you left off years ago. Masters Track & Field is a sport for men and women of all ages (over 30) and all levels of ability, from beginners to seasoned athletes.

The following events are typically offered at a masters track meet: sprints, hurdles, distance events, pole vault, high jump, long jump, race walk, shot put, discus throw, javelin, weight throw, hammer throw and relays. There are also pentathalons, heptathlons and decathlons. Something for everyone!

The first place to start is probably in your doctor's office. Get a physical to make sure you are healthy enough to participate in an active sport. Get a sense of how much physical activity is right for you, espcially if you are a beginner.

Next, consider contacting a local masters track and field CLUB. They can tell you what is going on in your area and answer your questions about the sport. They will also tell you about local facilities and group training opportunities.

These clubs are sanctioned by USATF the National Governing Body of our sport. It is recommended that you consider becoming a MEMBER of USATF, which offers numerous membership benefits, including sport accident insurance, discounts, eligibility for certain competitions, and member publications. It is also a way for you to personally support masters track and field as well as our olympic athletes.

With a bit of searching, you will find that there are many competitons events open to masters in your area. Depending on where you live, there may be both indoor and outdoor track and field competitions. Check the EVENTS section listings. You will find a variety of options, such as informal all-comers events in which folks of all ages and abilities show up to compete at a local track. They are fun and inexpensive. Then there are are masters track and field meets-- specifically for men and women over 30 competing in five-year age groups (makes the competition fairly even no matter how old you are). And there are meets conducted by established sports organizations such as the SENIOR GAMES (age 50+) and the STATE GAMES (all ages). All are great ways to participate, even if you are a first timer.

To get your feet wet, you may want to show up at one of these events just to observe. But bring your running shoes, because chances are you will see how much fun people are having and want to join in. If you are unfamiliar with any aspect of the sport, you can be sure to find someone who is willing to help you.

Browse this web site and others linked to it, for more info about masters track and field. Our section FOR ATHLETES is designed to answer your questions and guide you in your quest to become actively involved in masters track and field.

Okay, get started! Find a club! Find a track! Go to a meet! Make new friends! Have a blast!...