USA Masters Track and Field


There are MANY rules, and these rules change! Here are just a few guidelines to help apply for records:

• The meet must be sanctioned by USATF or another acceptable governing body, i.e., IAAF, WMA, NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA). Use the on-line USATF calendar to verify sanction status.
• Bring application forms with you to the meet. Don't assume someone else will have them.
• As the application form may change, don't print and store copies.
• Review the forms in advance and become familiar with whose signatures you will need.
• Officials who sign must be currently certified by USATF.
• Be sure to get every required signature before you leave.
• If your event is automatically timed (FAT) you must include a finish photo from the timing system.
• If your event is automatically timed (FAT) you must include a Zero Gun Test from the timing system.
• A wind guage operator must record the wind factor for pertinent events.
• For field events, a copy of the field event sheet must be included.
• All field implements must be certified .
• Your application must include a meet program and complete results for the event.
• Your application must include proof of age (copy of birth certificate or passport).
• Keep a copy of all application materials before sending them to the Records Chair.
Digitial applications are easier and preferred.
• Contact the Records Chair if you have any questions.

Although most rules established by USATF apply to all athletes regardless of age, the following rules are specific to Masters Track and Field (see USATF RULE 320 for more details).
• The ACTUAL age of the competitor is used for record purposes, BUT the age of the competitor ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE MEET determines the competitor's division for individual events.
• The age on the first day of a meet of the youngest member shall determine the age division of a relay team.
• A mixed event containing male and female participants is allowed. Masters records may be made in mixed age and/or mixed sex competitions.

GENERAL RULES FOR RECORDS (excerpts from USATF Rulebook)
No record shall be acceptable unless it is made in a bona fide scratch running competition, or a bona fide handicap or scratch competition in a field event, open to two or more clubs, schools, colleges, or other organizations, which has been fixed and advertised before the day of competition, and which is included in the printed program together with the names of the entrants for the events. A record may be accepted in a handicap race, provided the performance is set in a race in which (1) all competitors start from the same line, (2) no one has started before the competitor claiming the record and (3) the race is timed in accordance with Rule 165.4. At least three competitors, and in relays at least two teams, shall be bona fide and have participated in the event in which the record purportedly was established. In field events, a handicap competition may be combined with the scratch competition. In Men's and Women's Track and Field, Long Distance Running, Race Walking and Masters Track and Field, no record shall be acceptable unless it was made in an event that had been sanctioned by USATF, a member organization of USATF or another member Federation of IAAF by competitors eligible to compete under IAAF Rules.

No record shall be accepted unless the, distance, or height has been checked with a certified steel tape or bar graduated in centimeters, or by an approved scientific apparatus.

Records must be set at facilities which meet the specifications described in the USATF Rules. Note that records may be set on indoor or outdoor tracks that do not have rails, provided they have cones or markers that meet the required specifications.