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Continue your Legacy - Support Lifetime Fitness Through Training and Competition

In December, 2011, the full Masters Committee and the Executive Committee unanimously approved the launch of an Estate Giving program for Masters Track and Field at the annual USATF meeting in Saint Louis. Attorney Bruce McBarnette, a many-time and current world masters high jump champion, responded to a request from Gary and me to develop the wording as a template for insertion into wills -- many thanks to Bruce:

I give and bequeath to USA Track and Field Masters Track and Field ("USATF MTF") the sum of _______________ Dollars (or all the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate) to be used for the purposes of USATF MTF at the sole discretion of USATF MTF.

(If you would like to make a bequest for a specific purpose, please include such language also.)

Please send a copy of the provision in your will to the MTF Chair (Rex Harvey), Treasurer (Carroll DeWeese), and if you would like, the Media Chair (me) who will archive and monitor such requests, and tell us if your request can be public as an incentive to others, or anonymous if you choose. Of course, you are free to change it at any time.

Every year, the masters committee struggles to assemble a budget and feels strapped knowing the strength of other USATF and other sport program dimensions. We represent a movement for lifetime health and fitness through training and competition. Many are dedicated to this mission -- and the Estate Giving program now allows a relatively painless way to provide an entirely new and greater dimension in logarithmically higher figures (especially in the aggregate of bequests as they develop) than the approximately $120,000 annual budget we now have for all masters T&F programs. Virtually all universities, hospitals, charity organizations, and ongoing institutions have "endowments." MTF Chair Gary Snyder (2008-2016) said a committee will monitor and protect all contributions and the capital we have, and the full masters committee will vote each year's budget as required in our bylaws based on the resources we have. Contributions to USATF MTF are tax deductible.

Gary and I have announced we'll lead off the program and urge lots of others to come forward as well. We want to thank Jerry Donley who conceived the idea many years ago and others including Carroll DeWeese, Phil Byrne, and Steve Cohen, who helped support and strategize the concept. Now MTF has taken the idea to actual language and implementation, and it should be a game changer for us. We hope that athletes, organizers, media, and sponsors will both contribute and will outreach to others to do so, in order to dramatically increase the MTF program that we all believe in strongly.

MTF Treasurer Carroll DeWeese reports that USATF has an account for MTF contributions that will include bequests. He said, "Any funds from a bequest or other gift can be placed in this account. If the funding states a specific (directed under MTF) purpose, a subaccount can be established to separately keep track of the specific purpose funding. Although it is preferred to have unrestricted use, even restrictions on use are okay. The wording is not critical as long as it states the bequest is to 'USATF MTF'."

We also want to thank the Lake Erie Association who donated a substantial sum at the annual meeting to masters track - Gary was all smiles as he looked at the check. Such contributions while we are alive are certainly encouraged as well. In the meantime, help us build the new estate giving program since it can be a real game-changer to allow the kinds of budgets that can ensure and dramatically expand productivity for the MTF mission for decades to come.

Bob Weiner, USATF Masters Media Chair
January 23, 2012