USA Masters Track and Field

WMA 2018 World Masters Outdoor Championships
Málaga, Spain!

Relay Team Selection

Volunteer Teams are self-organized and can include any members of Team USA; there are no qualifications with respect to ability or relay experience. The only restrictions are that (1) there cannot be a designated team for the same combination of gender, age group, and distance, and (2) any athlete qualified to be names to a designated team must be released by the team management as not needed because there are too many or too few athletes in the same or neighboring age groups.

A member of the proposed team should contact the Team Manager to obtain a copy of the WMA Team Declaration form, to ensure that there won’t be a conflicting Designated Team and that any athlete eligible for designation is available. The team will complete the form listing the four to six members and return it to the Team Manager prior to the Team Declaration Deadline. The Team Manager will sign and submit it to the TIC. If five or six athletes are listed the team will determine who actually runs.

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