USA Masters Track and Field

WMA 2018 World Masters Outdoor Championships
Málaga, Spain!

Relay Team Selection

The teams will be selected by the Team Selection Committee (TSC) consisting of the Chair, Vice Chair, the Team Manager and one or more athlete representative members of the Masters Track & Field Committee. The Team Manager will Chair this committee and determine the place and time of its meetings.

The following will be how each relay team will be determined and selected:
  1. The TSC will first consider the finalists in the event at the same distance and then related events, then semi-finalists, and then those who finished in the top half of the preliminary round.
    • For the 4 x 100 the events are the 100, 200, 400, short hurdles, long hurdles.
    • For the 4 x 400 the events are 400, long hurdles, 200, 800, 100, short hurdles.
    • Multi event athletes are considered as though their time were achieved during the main event.

  2. The TSC will consider athletes from an older age group who are not needed as a runner or an alternate to complete a team for a younger age group if necessary.

  3. Age groups may be merged when two or more age groups do not have at least two runners who have qualified for the finals, semi-finals and prelims. Merged categories are then treated as one pool.

  4. If a team still cannot be determined using the above process, then the Committee will also consider:
    • Top USA FAT times or times from current year USA Masters Indoor or Outdoor Championships.
    • The current year USA Rankings using only USATF sanctioned events and FAT times.

  5. The TSC will take everything into consideration but the selection of the relay team members, including alternates made by the Committee is final.
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