USA Masters Track and Field

All American Standards Updated

The All American Standards for Masters Track and Field are in the process of being overhauled. These standards provide additional motivation for athletes in their respective events.

Track Only - MEN - WOMEN

    New standards will be implemented in 3 phases:
  1. Running events - Completed in January, 2017.
  2. Field Events
  3. Combined Events
    Major changes:
  1. Three levels now exist: Gold, Silver and Bronze. All three levels will be eligible for All American awards.
  2. The standards are now based on the Age Graded tables. An age-graded percentage has been set for each level (Gold, Silver and Bronze) in each event and the performance required to meet each level has been calculated.
  3. Standards have been created through age 104.
  4. Standards have been created for events that were previously excluded.
These standards will be reviewed continuously, and updated as needed.

Good luck and have a super 2017!

Jeff Brower
USATF Masters
Chair - All American Standards