USA Masters Track and Field

USATF Masters Track and Field General Committee
Meeting Minutes - 11/30/12

Hilton Hotel, Daytona Beach, Florida (Oceanview Room)

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Chair Gary Snyder Treasurer Carroll DeWeese
Vice Chair Robert Thomas Secretary Jeff Brower

8:00 PM CST - An agenda was provided. Gary started the meeting and appointed the following At-Large appointments:
     Jim Flanik, Max Hamlyn, Rex Harvey & Sandy Pashkin.
(Except where noted, Gary inititiated the discussion on each of the following topics.

Roll Call
The secretary gathered attendance information before the meeting began, including those that were eligible to be Active Athletes. Then the Active Athletes met and elected Mary Trotto as their Chair.

Phil Byrn, Chair of Nominating Committee, spoke. Rita Hanscom and Sid Howard were on this committee. Willie Banks said he would be off the general board in three years, and he wanted to make it clear that officers of the MTF committee can't be on that board. The following positions were open for nomination, but none were made. So, the following were running for their respective office unopposed:

Chair Gary Snyder         Vice Chair - Robert Thomas          Treasurer - Carroll DeWeese

Motion to close nominations for these positions. Seconded, Accepted.
Motion to elect these positions by acclamation. Seconded, Accepted.

Secretary - Nominations were made for Joseph Ols and Anselm LeBourne.
Motion to close nominations for the Secretary position. Seconded, Accepted.

Joseph spoke, followed by Anselm (who was not present but spoke through Skype.)

Jeff spoke about the duties of the current position. Phil wrapped this up and reminded people to vote tomorrow in the election room. ( Excerpt regarding Elections ). (Election Results - Josephs Ols was elected as Secretary.)

Gary thanked all for their support in the past and future.

2015 Indoor Bids - Mike Travers led this discussion.
8:59 am - Bloomington, Indiana - Presented by Robert Thomas and others.
9:18 am - Winston-Salem - Presented by Eric Braschwitz and others

Masters Chairs for these respective presenters remained in the room. A Roll call was performed to hand out ballots to eligible voters. The winning bid was Winston-Salem.

Sandy Pashkin - distribted her report ( Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 ).
Motion to reject record for 5K by a women made in a non-bonafide meet. Seconded, Accepted
Motion to accept record report presented by Sandy. Seconded, Accepted

Rules - Graeme Shirley discussed some rules ( Page 1 - Page 2 ).
He asked for approval of the following rule #'s:
47 - Use of gloves in the Polevault - approved.
50 - Intended for Weight throw - approved.
51 - Shape of Handle - approved.
57 - ultra weight change - approved
58 - ultra weight change - approved
107 - Allow 5 year age group for relays - tabled
108 - Shuttle Hurdle Relay removal as an event at Championship meets
Motion to Accept, seconded. Discussion. Item was tabled. Many voiced support in favor of the Shuttle Hurdle relay as a Championship event. 109 - Scoring- restrict scoring to one team in relays. Rejected.
110 - MTF Committee decides who is eligible to score. Motion to accept, seconded. Discussion. Motion to table, seconded.

11/30/2012 Meeting recessed at 10:50 AM, to resume today at 1 PM.
11/30/2012 Meeting resumed at 1 PM.

Graeme Shirley led more discussion on the rules:
51 - This stays the same outdoors.
52 - ultra weight changed - approved.
108 - Shuttle Hurdle Relay - this event may be held at associaiton & regional meets
109 - Accepted as amended
111 - Rejected

The committee recognized 1500 Meter Olympian Shannon Rowbury and welcomed her!

Bob Weiner led this presentation. The NY Times has a full feature on MTF with great photos and a great story. He reminded all athletes to contact the media as they are the best emissaries for our sport. Bob presented a couple of videos, including one on Kathy Martin and one covering the 2012 Outdoor Championships in Lisle, Illinois.

USATF Masters Foundation
Bob Weiner reminded everyone that this was created to allow masters to give assets to Masters MTF.

2015 Outdoor Bids - Mike Travers led this discussion.
1:35 pm - Jacksonville distributed a folder - Robin Wright made a presentation. July 1-21, 2015 is the time frame they're looking for. Shower facilities will be available. Moved to award the 2015 Outdoor Championships to Jacksonville. Seconded, Accepted

Gary reminded everyone that Region meetings are later today, either at 4 PM or 5 PM

Mary Trotto - Winners have been posted. Mary introduced and thanked her committee. She mentioned all winners (David Pain winner, etc.)

Graeme Shirley 51 - redefinition of indoor weight specs. The outdoor weight specs will not change.

Reports of Past and Future Outdoor Championships
Upcoming Indoor Meet Status
Jerry Bookin-Weiner - 3/22-24/2013 - Indoors will be at Landover, site of 2009. Timing will be handled better. Shuttles and buses will help get people from the airport to the hotels & the track. Shower facilities will be available on sunday.

Upcoming Outdoor Meet Status
Ken Ferguson - Olathe Kansas - Track has been repaired, steeplechase area is being repaired. Hammer cage has arrived and will be installed soon. An additional discus area with a USATF-certified cage will be built too. Date has been changed to 7/11-14. Actual Location: Olathe School District Activities Center. Ken will look into shuttles to help move people around.

Budget - Carroll DeWeese
$145K Budget proposed - USATF provides only part of this, and that part has been decreased 5%. Clinic line items have been merged in with the Region line items. Carroll asked that "outreach/media/marketing" efforts by the regions be sent to Carroll so he can charge them to the proper budget item. Motion to accept proposed budget, Seconded, Accepted

11/30/2012 Meeting recessed at 2:58 pm, to resume tomorrow at 10:30 am.
12/1/2012 Meeting resumed at 10:30 am.

Voting for Officer positions is taking place until 11 AM this morning. The Election officials apparently cut off the number of Active Athletes, and also ignored changes to several of the Masters Chair positions in Associations.

Gary - regarding new business, spoke about adding new business. You are NOT allowed to bring up new business without discussing the issue with Gary prior to the meeting. This allows him to manage the time required for the meeting, as well as to resolve problems without monopolizing the entire general body.

WMA Team Managers Report
Phil Greenwald - 2012 WMA Indoor Championships, Finland - feedback - the facility had only a 4 lane oval, advancement was different. Outdoors - Brazil October 2013 - A Visa is required to enter Brazil - Go online and search for the closest Brazilian Consulate, and follow their application process. Phil believes there are about 10 of these in the states, and applicants should allow a couple of months to get this done. Jerry said Brazil's current system is down. Marilyn said some airlines say they can take care of this for passengers, but it is not true. You'll be entering Brazil as a tourist. One person said you could go to the consulate and stay for 3 days to take care of this. The Visa will cost around $160 or more depending on whether you usa a service to help with this. Uniforms - Phill is looking into which uniforms will be allowed.

NCCWMA - Sandy Paskin
Sandy has been elected Chair of this. She's looking for sites that can handle the throws, XC and the road race. North American, Central American & Carribean Championships NCCWMA - 2014, 2017 Contact Sandy if interested.

Rules - Graeme Shirley - He said the rules have been approved as we directed.

Diversity - James Smith
They are studying the current demographics of our organization. Eric Zemper has researched this in the past. Reports from championship participation have not been readily available.. James said that the initiative on a National level has not been progressing for a variety of reasons. Contact James if you're interested in helping.

Hall of Fame
Mary Trotto, Interim - The prior chair abruptly resigned last year. Mary Trotto has done a great job working on this. There's a meeting later today discussing the HOF process, and Gary encouraged people to attend. LDR people may propose a different process for handling HOF inductees, as they believe more LDR people should be in the HOF.

Bob Weiner mentioned that a meeting with the USATF CEO is available later today.

Vision Going Forward
Gary - We spend about $25K for the Outdoor meet. Participation has not increased, so Gary has set a goal of 1500 entries at the 2014 meet. Traveling/Lodging are some of the big reasons people don't attend. A computer presentation is available to see Gary's vision. Identify people that have never attended. Gary has many ideas to help improve participation. Please contact Gary with more ideas. Potomac Valley gives $100 to anyone that attends a National meet.

Old Business
Indoor Bid
Robert Thomas - Asked why people did not vote for Bloomington. Some people wanted a different location. Jerry Bookin-Weiner recommended a scorecard. Cohen encouraged association masters chairs to initiate the bid process for championships.

New Business
Training products - Andre and another fellow presented their product, Eniva. After it was over, Marilyn said this type of presentation was not appropriate for this body. Most agreed.

Marilyn Mitchell - She handed out a flyer regarding the Outdoor Pentathlon for Women ( Page 1 - Page 2 ) - Some want to replace the hurdles with 100M dash. We discussed the pluses/minuses. A variety of opinions were discussed.

Gary thanked everyone.
Motion to Adjourn at 11:59. Seconded, Accepted
Minutes by Jeff Brower