USA Masters Track and Field

USATF Masters Track and Field Executive Committee
Meeting Minutes - 11/29/12

Hilton Hotel, Daytona Beach, Fl (Halifax Room)

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Chair Gary Snyder
Vice Chair Robert Thomas
Secretary Jeff Brower

Bob Weiner, Christine Lipsky, Christel Donley, Duane Gosa, Jeff Schaller, Jerry Bookin-Weiner, Jerry Donley, Jim Flanik, John Head, John Oleski, Lester Mount, Marilyn Mitchell, Mark Cleary, Mary Trotto, Max Hamlyn, Pat Berg, Randy Reina, Rex Harvey, Rose Schlewitz, Sandy Pashkin, Stephen Cohen, Willie Banks

Absent - Treasurer Carroll DeWeese

12:05 PM CST - Gary provided an agenda and started the meeting. (Except where noted, Gary inititiated the discussion on each of the following topics. Non-agenda items may be brought up at the end.)

USATF National Office Support
A few high level National Office individuals spoke to us. Max Siegel expressed the importance of collaboration to determine the definition of success for USATF at every level. He wants feedback and expectations, and he will work hard to provide support to us on all realistic, fundamental issues. Renee Washington and Jim Estes were also present, and spoke about the steps they're taking to take care of the duties that Andy Martiin previously handled. They are reviewing resumes. Max continued, explaining that they have reviewed all of the National Operations, and they've defined nine "Smart Goals", which were listed on a handout from Gary. Max said each department determined their needs and created action plans. Bob Weiner thanked Max for working with Masters, and clarified that Masters Track & Field (MTF) wanted to help USATF wherever it could. Max said he is working on sponsorships as well as working on bringing championships to Indianapolis. MTF may be moving under a different organizational area (Events).

2013 Budget Review
A proposed budget has been submitted to the National Office. We are looking at more fundraising ideas. The National Senior Games Association owes us $4000 for services from the 2011 National Senior Games. Gary said new management is in place at NSG. (Late note - full payment has been received.)

The group discussed the status of this, as John Seto had said this would be his last year (memo on 6/18/12). Jeff Brower had expressed his desire last summer to take this over, but after working with John and looking for replacement products, he determined that rewriting the product from scratch (John's suggestion) was too large a project for him to take on. John, however, apparently wants to continue if the workload is divided between others. Finding hundreds of results from meets every year is difficult (he works to obtain about 90% of the results as opposed to people sending them to him.) Preparing these results to place them in the database is also time consuming. The group agreed that we could help John more, and require meet directors or their support staff to do more work to submit results to John. A standard format needs to be provided to meet directors so they know what John needs to import these simply into the database.

Half Of Fame Issues
We are looking for a Chair for this committee. Mary Trotto has worked very hard to keep this going. Perhaps a committee of 3 or 4 people will be found to keep this going. Mary said it's hard to find results for some people.

2015 USA Masters Championships Bid Status
Bloomington and Winston-Salem will have Indoor meet bids. Sandy discussed Winston-Salem with the group and clarified that it will handle our meet needs. Outdoors, Tulsa was interested, but couldn't get a facility. Jacksonville will therefore be our only 2015 Outdoor bidder. Gary thanked Mike Travers for the work he has done.

Marilyn Mitchell spoke about three issues:

1) Active Athlete's Role - Marilyn reminded everyone that Active Athletes are expected to communicate heavily with all masters to keep them informed of MTF issues, concerns and solutions.

2) Women's Outdoor Pentathlon - She handed out a flyer ( Page 1 - Page 2 ) that discussed the desire of some women to replace the hurdles in the Outdoor Pentathlon with a straight sprint. Gary asked Marilyn to write up a proposal.

3) Masters Invitational Program - Is the money allocated for this program benefitting MTF? Not all athletes receive money to help with travel expenses to these events. She believes we should determine the tangible benefits of this program.

Active Athlete Procedure
This process has taken a long time at previous national meetings. The Secretary typically arrives early to meetings and works on recording attendance as people arrive. We decided to have the Secretary, during this early period, also list those that want to be Active Athletes so this should almost eliminate the time required to determine Active Athletes during the meeting. (They will still need to elect a Chair for their group.)

Election of Officers
Steve asked if we should recommend a slate to the General Assembly. The response was no. We discussed the election process, which was changing per instructions from the National office. Nominations may come from the floor during the Friday MTF General Assembly, but the election will take place at the Election location provided by the National Office on Saturday morning.

Break from 1:40 to 2:00 pm

2014 Mission
Gary presented a proposal: 1500 in 2014. The goal is to get 1500 registered athletes for our Outdoor meet in 2014. Gary went through a computer presentation covering this proposal.

The National office has decreased the budgets of all committees by 5%. Getting just 100 more athletes at one of our national meets will cover this budget drop.

WMA Officer positions
Rex discussed this briefly. A joint meeting with LDR will occur to appoint our representative.

Willie Banks spoke briefly about various issues. He said we are not currently good at explaining how good we are to prospective sponsors. Are we good partners with our sponsors? We need more marketing, and he said our new CEO Max Siegel understands this.

2:55 CST Meeting adjourned. Minutes by Jeff Brower